Paranormal Research York | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Who We Are

Paranormal Research York

Who are we?

PRY are a new team made up of experienced and professional paranormal investigators who are all local or live in York, who have come together to investigate predominantly in the city of York. We are your one-stop-shop for all things paranormal in York. Living in York, we access the whole range of haunted locations in and around the city and find the details to go with the legends that other teams may not be able to access.

Why York?

York is one of the most haunted cities in Europe with roots in Iron Age settlements among the oak forests and access to a major river system. Because of this, Romans and Vikings used it as a major stronghold in the region and then as time progressed it became a sought after city by Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. Add to that the wealth of old and modern places to visit and the spirits connected to the city such as Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes, it is little wonder that we believe York offers so much to the paranormal world.

The Team ethics

As a team we never knowingly offer false evidence. We have a mix of believers and non-believers in the team and we will always seek the logical explanation first. We have a team Medium who is at every investigation, the Medium uses various skills and techniques to communicate with spirit with some excellent results. We research every aspect of the place we investigate and are able to build complex time lines with real evidence of what or who was around that place and will provide detailed reports to our hosts or clients who use our services.

Kevin Spindloe

Co-founder and Team Medium
Hello, I am Kevin and I have been involved with spirit for most of my life with a strong interest in the paranormal. I am experienced as a Medium working in paranormal teams using my skills and experience to help guests have the best experience they can while they are with us. I also run Medium training sessions and meditation classes during our weekend breaks and local classes. I believe that spirits have a story to tell and at PRY we give them that voice through various means. As a team, we understand that we are unlikely to provide definitive proof of life after death to the world; however, we will never stop trying. I also believe that people find their own proof and that is well worth what we do! As a team I also believe that we need to be accurate and truthful in everything we do. I would never want to fake anything to succeed.

Clare Louise Bryant

Co-founder, Researcher and Events Manager
My name is Clare, I live in York and I have been involved in paranormal teams for many years and the subject fascinates me. I am the team Researcher and Events Manager and I have a deep passion for history, especially local history and this involves looking for new venues to investigate and then cross referencing facts from several sources for our events. I have had some self-proof of paranormal activity, I will always look for the obvious answers first and fitting in with the team ethos I will never fake any activity to win popularity. My work background is working in business and I understand the need to be organised and focused on the team’s goals. I am level headed and pragmatic as well being one of the driving forces to make PRY a success.

Terri Spindloe

Co-founder and Psychic Spiritual Medium

My name is Terri and I am the team’s Psychic Spiritual Medium.  I work with many entities on my spiritual path, I help spirit work out problems and move spirit on.  I do readings and past life work and I also work with crystals, runes, pendulums and tarot cards.  I assist in organising the events and I attend events whenever my role as a mother allows. I have a deep fascination of the paranormal and as the rest of the team I will always look to debunk activity if it can be. I have had a lot of experience of paranormal activity and I want to help others experience this at our events. I am always looking to keep the team ahead in terms of new ideas and new techniques for our events.

Andrew Cousens 

Tech Manager

Hi, my name is Andrew Cousens (from Seen by 2) and I am the Tech Manager for Pry, I live in York. I have a strong sense of seeking the unknown, and puzzle solving. I’ve been active in the paranormal field for a number of years. I have to admit it might be due to an American TV show, with three blokes and their cameras.

I run my own business in the electrical field and that’s where my talents lie… I’m quite good the tech side, making new equipment and generating new experiments. I also like to see if I can debunk things and go through every logical process todo this.  There are things I believe in and some I don’t, and some I just don’t know yet.

Samantha Foreman


Hi, my name is Sam Foreman (from Seen by 2) and I live within the ancient city of York. I have been investigating for many years and trying to communicate with spirits and collect solid proof that there is something after this life.  I enjoy  technology, particularly new equipment and experimenting to get the best results on an investigation.  I will never fake any evidence at all and will be happy with no evidence than fake evidence. 

Ben Bryant

Tech Assistant

Hi, my name is Ben Bryant and I am the Technical Assistant. I am interested in the paranormal and all it has to offer. I prefer to find the logical explanation of anything we find at PRY. I will be around on public investigations to help the team where needed.

David Dellow

Guest Investigator

Always the tec guy sceptic, until 8 years into my journey, sat alone in the dark, 2am Chillingham Castle, up walks this apparition and stands watching me, full on believer since. My new mission is to help others to believe, if not in ghosts but to experience the strange things happening around investigations.