Who we are

Our website address is: https://paranormalresearchyork.co.uk


Terms and conditions

1. Our services

1.1. Paranormal Research York Ltd shall endeavour to supply the Services on the booked date as advertised.

1.2. Paranormal Research York Ltd shall provide the services with competency and skills.

2. Bookings, Deposits and Balances

2.1. Places can be reserved on most Paranormal Research York Ltd events via payment of the required deposit fee. Deposits can vary in value per the event and details of deposits fees can be found on each individual event page. All deposit fees are non-refundable.  Deposit fees alone do not confirm a customer’s place on an event, they are merely holding fees until your final balance is paid in full.

2.2. Remaining balances must be paid one OR two weeks prior to the event, venue dependent, or unless otherwise stated on the event page.  Failure to pay on time may result in places being cancelled without any refund being offered.

2.3. Full payment of the booking must be received prior to any event taking place, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Paranormal Research York Ltd.

2.4. Places will only be fully confirmed on receipt of full and final payment of the required total booking fee, either via payment of a remaining balance or full outright purchase.

2.5 Cancellation or deferments related to Covid will be updated as necessary.  At present, we do not offer any special circumstances for refunds due to Covid.

2.6 No refunds will be given under any circumstances, when a customer has attended an event. 

3. Cancellations or amendments to bookings

3.1. If a customer cancels their booking at any stage from point of sale and for WHATEVER reason, can no longer make that date, or fails to turn up on the event then the entire booking fee or deposit will be lost and is non-transferable to another event.  This applies to direct bookings via our website or bookings made via other means.  

3.2. If the customer reduces the number of persons attending the event, then the corresponding booking fees will be retained.  We do not offer refunds to party bookings.

3.3. All booking fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable, unless where an event is cancelled/postponed by us. see clause 13

3.4. When making your ghost hunt booking, you need to do so in full confidence that you can attend the booked date. Paranormal Research York Ltd cannot offer a refund or event transfer if you cancel or are no longer able to attend.

Paranormal Research York Ltd pays for all of its locations in advance of you attending, and we cannot claim refunds back from a venue should you no longer be able to attend.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  In order to maintain the successful running of our scheduled events for the benefit of all others, Paranormal Research York Ltd has to stand by this policy for all situations.   

3.5. Our policy on ticket transfers to another event is entirely at our discretion. We do, however, allow you to transfer your ticket to another person, as long as you inform us at least 24hrs before the event. You will need to provide us with the contact details of the person/s who will be attending the event instead of you. A confirmation email with the event details will be sent onto the new guest/s. Please note that we do not charge any fees for ticket transfers, but we do not accept any responsibility for any issues that may arise from the transfer.

3.6. If you are unable to attend, we will attempt to resell tickets, less booking fees.  If we are unable to do this, no refunds will be issued whatsoever.

3.7. If a fully paid for place is cancelled, the place(s) booked remain yours, even if not attending. You may resell or gift your fully paid for place(s) yourself, but only if the new attendee meets all requirements of minimum age and pregnancy restrictions, also checking that the venue is suitable for any disability needs they may have. Please check with Paranormal Research York Ltd to ensure the conditions are met.

3.8. The named booking person must inform Paranormal Research York Ltd by email of the replacement name(s) for our guest list prior to attending the event. Those who are not on the list may be refused entry. 

3.9. Any place(s) transferred to a third party by you will still be covered by our terms and conditions. Whomever the place(s) are passed on to will also take on your acceptance of our terms and conditions. Paranormal Research York Ltd cannot accept any liability for third party transactions made between third parties and cannot enter discussion or seek to resolve any issues between third parties. 

3.a. Covid Cancellations 

3a.1. Any event booked with Paranormal Research York Ltd shall only operate when legally allowed to do so. Paranormal Research York Ltd shall follow all guidelines given by the relevant national governing body and Visit England “Good to Go” for that event.

3a.2. Where the event is cancelled, postponed, moved or re-scheduled outside of our control, Paranormal Research York Ltd shall refund your ticket, or transfer you to a new date.

3a.3. By making your booking during any time periods affected by Covid. You understand that Paranormal Research York Ltd must cease operation if forced upon us by any national or local lockdowns.

3a.4. Where a booked event is deemed safe to run and you make a personal choice not to attend, then our standard terms and conditions shall apply (see clause 3.1). We cannot offer to you any refund, transfer or credit note. 

3a.5. Any individual who cannot attend an event through infection of Covid or is in isolation may transfer their date or accept a credit note.  This is not applicable to the whole party, only the individual.  The affected member must stay away from the event. Others within the group are still required to attend in their absence or clause 3a.4 applies. 

3a.6. Any member of a booked party who cannot attend a booked event due to a local or national lockdown restriction may request a date transfer.  We do not offer a refund.  This is open only to those affected and may not cover all members of your group. We are not able to issue any refunds for non-attendance for reasons beyond the control of Paranormal Research York Ltd or the individual(s) affected.

4. Liability and indemnity

4.1. Paranormal Research York Ltd will compensate the customer for any loss or damage they may suffer if we fail to carry out duties imposed on us by law unless the failure is attributable to:

4.1.1. Customer’s own fault

4.1.2. Third party unconnected with the provision of services under this contract, including the owners of the venues; or

4.1.3. Events which Paranormal Research York Ltd could not have foreseen even if it had taken all reasonable care.

5. Age limits and disabilities

5.1. Due to restrictions on most venues and as a restriction imposed by our insurance, the minimum age for all participants is 16 years old, as our events take place in an adult environment. Children under the age of 16 working closely with strangers in dark environments will not be permitted on a Paranormal Research York Ltd event.  Any event that is under 16 will be clearly advertised. ID may be requested upon entry at the venue if any customer is suspected by any member of the Paranormal Research York Ltd Team to be under age. Failure to provide proof of ID or customers found to be under age will be removed without any refund offered.

5.2. Wheelchair users and people with serious mobility issues should contact Paranormal Research York  Ltd prior to booking to check if a venue is suitable

6. Drugs and alcohol 

6.1. Paranormal Research York Ltd reserves the right to remove any customer who arrives at an event, and is suspected by any member of the team, to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or suspected of bringing alcohol or drugs to the event.

6.2. Breathalysers may be used on entry to a venue if a customer is suspected, by any member of the team, to be under the influence of alcohol. Failure to cooperate will result in the customer being removed from the event.

6.3. Any customer removed from the event as a result of clause 6.1 and 6.2 will not be entitled to a refund.

7. Pregnancy

7.1. Due to restrictions imposed by our insurance policy, pregnant women are not allowed to attend a Paranormal Research York Ltd event

8. Smoking and Fire Hazards

8.1. Paranormal Research York Ltd will permit smoking at events only in specified outdoor areas, as agreed by the owners of the venue, which will be made clear to all customers at the start of the event. This also includes electronic cigarettes, (Vapers). 

8.2. Candles and other potential fire hazards, identified by Paranormal Research York Ltd are prohibited from use during events. Any customer found in possession of said items will be removed from the event without any refund offered.

9. Behaviours 

9.1. Paranormal Research York Ltd has a zero-tolerance policy for any disruptive behaviour on our events. Any customer found to be being disruptive during the event or unpleasant towards other guests and staff, will be removed from the event.

9.2. Any guest found causing harm, injury or damage to any other person, animal property or contents at a venue will be removed from the event.

9.3. Any guest found to be purposefully faking paranormal activity, such as but not limited to throwing objects, and tapping on surfaces will be removed from the event. 

9.4. Any guest removed from the event as a result of clause 9.1, 9.2, or 9.3 will not be entitled to a refund.

9.5. Any areas of a venue not made available to Paranormal Research York Ltd will be made clear to all customers at the beginning of the event. Any customers found to be knowingly trespassing in said areas will be removed from the event immediately, with no refund offered. 

10. Personal belongings

10.1. All luggage, clothing, equipment, vehicles and personal effects belonging to the customer are their own responsibility. Paranormal Research York  Ltd accepts no responsibility for the safe custody of Customer’s property, or for its loss, damage or theft, however caused.

10.2. Property as referred to in clause 10.1 also includes any ghost hunting equipment brought to the event by the Customer.

10.3. Paranormal Research York Ltd do not hold lost property or remove it from the ghost hunt location. If found our team will hand the property to the venue representative/owner on discovery. The venue should be your point of contact directly when seeking lost property. 

11. Filming and photogarphy

11.1. Due to restrictions imposed by some venues, photography or filming may not always be permitted on events. The customer will be informed at the start of any event where said activities are restricted by the venue.

11.2. Any customer found to be taking part in restricted activities as in clause 11.1 may be removed from the event without any refund being offered.

11.3. During events, we may often be filming and taking photographs for promotional purposes. By booking onto and attending our events you, the customer agrees to the use of this footage for our promotional purposes. Any images or footage that you take on an event will remain the property of Paranormal Research York Ltd.

12.Equipment at our events

12.1. Ghost hunting equipment, provided on events for customers use by Paranormal Research York Ltd, becomes the sole responsibility of the customer when they are handling it. Any loss that Paranormal Research York Ltd suffers as a result of lost, damaged or defective ghost hunting equipment, arising as a result of a customer’s reckless actions will be recovered from the customer. The customer is liable for any item of ghost hunting equipment entrusted to them during the event.

12.2. We permit attendees to bring along their own battery operated hand-held ghost hunting equipment should they have this. Paranormal Research York Ltd should be able to inspect this equipment for safety and maintains the right to refuse the use of certain pieces of equipment, based on safety inspections; any decision made is final. No equipment that requires an electricity supply (either to operate with or to be charged up on location) may be brought along. Any attendee using own equipment that the hosts have asked you not to use will result in you being asked to leave the event without any refund.  

Please ensure all own equipment is marked to avoid any confusion about ownership.

13. Cancellation or event amendments

13.1. In the unlikely situation that an event is cancelled by Paranormal Research York Ltd, all monies with be returned to the named booking person, less any booking/payment charges.

13.2. Where the event is cancelled, postponed, moved or re-scheduled outside of our control, Paranormal Research York Ltd will try to find you an alternative date or venue. refunds or credit note will be offered if these dates are not suitable.

13.3. Any expenses, including but not limited to insurance taken, travel and accommodation incurred as a result of the cancelled or postponed event will not be refunded. Paranormal Research York Ltd advises that hotel rooms be booked under a flexible rate to protect yourself from Hotel cancellation charges.

13.4. Paranormal Research York Ltd will not be liable for changes to the planned event due to restrictions placed on us by the owners of the venue, including without limitation any restrictions on accessing parts of the venue. This includes venues asking guests to sign waivers to access areas for their own protection. 

13.5. Paranormal Research York Ltd reserves the right to cancel/postpone any event which has not reached the minimum capacity. The minimum level is deemed by Paranormal Research York Ltd on an event by event basis.

13.6. Where the event is cancelled in full, the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid to date by Paranormal Research York Ltd, minus booking/payment charges.

13.7. Where the event is postponed by Paranormal Research York Ltd, a new date will be arranged, and the customer notified as soon as possible. If the new date is unsuitable, the customer will receive a full refund of any monies paid for that event to date, minus booking/payment charges. 

14. Force majeure

14.1. Neither party shall be liable for any breach of its obligations resulting from circumstances beyond its reasonable control. for such situations such as government restrictions (including any agency or political subdivision thereof), court orders, unforeseen venue closedowns or venue owners failure to open a venue, fire, acts of war or terrorism, electrical power surges, failures in public supplies e.g. water, electricity, flood, epidemics, inclement weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and other natural disasters or acts of God, This list is non exhaustive covering all causes beyond Paranormal Research York Ltd control.    

14.2. Each of the parties agrees to give notice immediately to the other upon becoming aware of an event of force majeure, such notice to contain details of the circumstances giving rise to it.

14.3. If an event is temporarily impossible to perform, performance may be suspended for the duration of the force majeure event until a later viable date. transfers and credit notes are offered. Refunds are not offered in this instance as neither you the guest, or Paranormal Research York Ltd is liable to lose out financially for a temporary force Majeure event. 

14.4. If there is a permanent impossibility to perform the booked event with an outright cancellation, the agreement to honour your event may be retroactively cancelled, meaning that both yourself and Paranormal Research York Ltd, are put back into the position before agreement to these terms and conditions. This will include refunds of sums paid in consideration of services that cannot be provided at a later date, or products that cannot be delivered. 

15. The views of our team members

15.1. Our team members, trainees and consultants are all professional in conduct, however, any and all statements made by our team are the sole opinion of the individual and in no way reflect the opinions or policies, stated or otherwise, of Paranormal Research York Ltd.

15.2. No perceived predictions, opinions, information or comments made by our staff or mediums should be interpreted as factual. You, the customer is responsible for making your own decisions and it is understood that when our staff or mediums suggest something to you, it is only an opinion, and should NOT be interpreted as the only course of action.

16. Entertainment purposes only

16.1. You agree that any and all services provided by Paranormal Research York Ltd are for entertainment purposes only. Whilst we aim to give the customer the most genuine ghost hunting experience, we cannot and will not guarantee the behaviour of the unknown. Furthermore, we cannot make any guarantees about the validity/truth behind your experiences on the night. However, Paranormal Research York Ltd endeavours to provide a well organised event conducted under carefully controlled and true conditions. Paranormal Research York and it’s staff will never fake paranormal activity, nor encourage or tolerate any guests to be found doing the same.

17. Indemnity 

17.1. The customer agrees to indemnify Paranormal Research York Ltd against all liability in respect of costs, claims, damages, demands, penalties, actions, proceedings, suits, losses or expenses in respect of or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, or damage to any property arising from the customer’s own neglect.

18. Acceptance 

18.1. All event bookings made through Paranormal Research York Ltd constitutes your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions in full.

18.2. These terms of contract cannot be varied in any way by the parties to this agreement unless expressly agreed in writing with Paranormal Research York Ltd.


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