O Wow What a fantastic and memorable night this was. The organisers are professional, friendly, informative and open to questions you may have. There really was not a dull moment in the whole 4 hours which flew by . Their technical equipment was amazing fitting in seamlessly with the more traditional methods . This evening was so much more than a standard ghost hunt ....and spirit world agreed too .

Sue Holmes

I came to this event in July, it was very exciting and just as described. The activities were very varied and the response from every activity was explained and everything was made very clear and Clare & Kevin were encouraging. Although I had not used the technology before, I enjoyed all of it. Very well explained and encouraged with all activities. A friendly team! I will choose a PRY event again


I had an excellent night at the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York with Clare and Kevin. Five stars! Will definitely book again


I went to a PRY Event on 17 July 2019, the overall experience was excellent, the activities were very good as was the technology. I will definitely choose a PRY event again, really enjoyed the night.


I attended a PRY event on 17th July 2019. It was a super evening, I learnt a lot more about how to use technology and the team prompted us effectively. You are a great team and I will definitely book another experience with PRY when visiting York in the future!

Stuart R

I was happy the event details reflected the description given for this event, the night was well explained and I enjoyed learning about the history of the building. The team were very good and supportive, the activities were enjoyable. Thank you.


I came to the event in May and it was as expected, activities were excellent, the team were supportive and well explained, the research was interesting, I enjoyed using the equipment and enjoyed the traditional activities. I would choose a PRY Event again.


Brilliant night, a well balanced event with a good mix of traditional and new activities. Definitely coming back again.

David Dellow

Excellent for everything from the organisation to the event. Really enjoyed it. A great team with some great venues. Thank you Mark and Lisa Hesletine (Peterlee)

Mark Hesletine

I went along to the paranormal investigation at the red lion in york on 26.01.2019. An amazing time was had by all and i very much look forward to coming back to visit PRY on another investigation in the future.A Great team and very welcoming to first timers such as myself aswell as regulars. Great work PRY team.

Chrissie Hind