Paranormal Research York | What We Do
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What We Do

What We Do

Paranormal Research York

Public investigations

Throughout the year we host many public investigations in the city and we offer an experience not to be missed. Using traditional and modern techniques and a range of activities you will always have something to do.

We support guests doing their own thing and one of our non-intrusive team members will be close at hand to help if needed.

Private investigations (confidential)

We undertake private investigations for those businesses, organisations and members of the public who prefer the more professional approach.
We visit your premises at your convenience and work out the best plan to suit your needs. Each investigation is tailored to suit and there is a no-obligation quote after the initial meeting.

So, if you are experiencing paranormal activity and want to have it professionally investigated give us a call.

Clearing of poltergeist activity

Our Medium has many years of experience in moving unwanted spirits from residential and commercial properties and businesses. If you feel like you have something unexplained at home or in the workplace and you are wanting to get on with your own life and not worry about unwanted activity then get in touch. The service is highly confidential and it is a no-nonsense approach. No equipment, no burning of incense or sage and no magic spells, just a quiet and calm removal of what is disturbing you.

Weekend breaks

We offer a range of weekend breaks in the city arriving Friday and departing Sunday. All our weekend breaks include an optional Saturday Investigation Tutorial, whether you are interested in learning to use the equipment, how to research or how to communicate with ghosts this is for you.

There is also a full investigation on the Saturday evening to put your new found skills into use.

Corporate events

Whether you want a team building event of the highest quality or to host a staff or business event with a unique twist PRY offer you the chance to impress with the full use of modern equipment and teaching sessions to build understanding of what is involved when undertaking paranormal investigations.