Friday 13th at York Castle Museum and Prison – 13 September 2024 **With Sam Pirt Psychic Medium**


Dare you join us this Friday 13th?  

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On the ominous night of Friday the 13th, embark on a ghostly adventure with us at York Castle Museum and Prison – **SAM PIRT PSYCHIC MEDIUM WILL BE AT THIS EVENT**

Ghostly Sightings 

Numerous reports have emerged of ghostly encounters within Castle Prison. Slamming doors, infants crying, heavy footsteps, whistles and screams echo from the cells. Guests report temperature shifts and shadowy figures pacing the stone floors. The staff have heard hearing women’s voices singing, chains clinking, and unsettling scratching sounds from within the cells. Could this be the work of the hangman rumoured to roam these walls? Whispers fill the building, a young boy in period attire is spotted vanishing around corners, and sightings of an elderly woman by a hearth, who disappears, have been reported.


Castle Prison History 

Once an 18th-century prison, York Castle Museum has a dark and brutal past. We will try to connect with its most infamous inmate, the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin who spent his last hours in the cells of the Felons’ Prison before his execution at the Knavesmire on April 7, 1739. We will also try to connect with the spirits of those who languished for months in these cells awaiting their destiny and those who died within the castle’s walls. This includes the inmates of the Suffocation Cell, who met a horrific end, and the Yorkshire Witch, Mary Bateman, among others.


Kirkgate Britain’s oldest recreated Victorian street, boasts a sinister schoolroom, a grim police cell, a terrifying padded cell, a spectral Hansom cab, and cobbled surfaces. The lamp-posts, carriages, shop fronts, and other artifacts date back to the Victorian era or earlier. As you gaze into the shops along the winding street, be mindful of the dark energy clinging to these items. What secrets and whispers hide in this place? Perhaps a vengeful shopkeeper or a spectral child will reveal that death is not the final chapter. Venture forth and discover… if you dare.

Rowntree Snicket  This confined alleyway branching from Kirkgate reflects the hardship of York’s Victorian impoverished. It bears the name of Seebohm Rowntree, whose report on poverty in York led to the creation of this snicket and the Poor Dwelling. You will explore this area try to connect with the spirits that linger here. These are the meek, impoverished, and ailing spirits who lurk in the shadows and recesses.

Centuries of bloodshed and hangings have cast a shadow over these castle walls, and now we embark on an investigation. Together, are you prepared to confront your fears and uncover the secrets held within this ancient prison’s walls? This journey is not for the faint of heart; it is an authentic ghost hunting adventure that will push the limits of your courage. Do you possess the bravery to proceed?

This is an interactive event and you will get to try the activities for yourselves – you will be involved in the investigation as much as you dare to be!


What to expect on a PRY night – Our team will help you to explore your senses to investigate the paranormal using traditional and modern communication techniques and guest participation is encouraged!  You will get to use the latest paranormal equipment and take part in experiments such as table tipping, planchettes, lone vigils and seances.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investigator, this event will leave you wanting more.  Refreshments provided.

** Tickets £69pp

**£34.50 deposit will secure your place.  Remainder due 14 days before the event


**Address:  York Castle Museum, Tower Street, York, YO1 9RY

**Castle Car Park is seconds walk away


Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions on the website.  Please note, we do not issue refunds unless the event is cancelled by us or the venue and tickets are non-transferable

The Prison Ghost Hunt

7pm-9pm, 9.30pm-midnight, 7pm-midnight