The Guildhall, York

October 31, 2022






“The Guildhall stands proud and tall, a witness of the past, but inside its walls and halls, some eerie secrets last”

Ghostly Sightings This building is an absolute must for anyone wanting to part of York’s paranormal. There have been reported sightings of the full apparition of a male whose footsteps have been heard around the building. Visitors have reported whispers from within the great halls. In 2015 a local history group captured what they believe to be three ghostly figures at the end of the once open Common Hall Lane. During WWI it was reported the spirit of Guy Fawkes was haunting The Guildhall. Reports were made of footsteps and the feeling of being brushed past. Secret passages whispers dark shadows.  At our events, you will have FULL ACCESS to the public areas within the building. The main Guildhall Committee Room, The Council Chamber and many other rooms and passageways with ghosts and spirits within its very foundations.

Margaret Clitherow’s trial took place in The Guildhall but her refusal to be tried by a jury led to her automatically being sentenced to death. In a desperate attempt to persuade her to conform to trial by jury the judges stressed the horrific barbarity of the assigned means of death for Margaret’s offence – being pressed to death. Yet Margaret remained firm in her convictions and continued to refuse trial by jury stating “I know of no offense whereof I should confess myself guilty. Having made no offence I need no trial”.

The Guildhall’s Infamous History One of England’s most infamous monarchs King Richard III was entertained here in 1483. Who else came here? In 1586 the Court of Assizes at The Guildhall was the setting for the trial of Margaret Clitherow who was charged with undercover and persistent perpetration of Catholicism and was subsequently executed by being pressed to death for her refusal to accept the court’s jurisdiction. During the English Civil War the sum of £200000 was paid to the Scots for supporting Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentary forces and was counted here in the inner or ‘Justice Room’ in 1647. King Charles I was duly handed over after the money was divided and paid out. During WW2 the building was heavily damaged during the Baedeker Raid. What happened during these times? Join us as we try and find out the secrets of The Guildhall.

***Our events are interactive event and you get to try the equipment for yourselves – you are involved in the activities and investigation as much as you dare to be!***