The Black Swan, York

July 18, 2023





Become a paranormal investigator for the night. Why? Because this haunted pub is a place you will feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

The History dates back to the 15th century, when it was a private house. Prior to the present building, a medieval inn stood on the site and remains may well still be beneath the pub. With its rich history, this extremely haunted building has been home to the Sheriff of York and two Lord Mayor’s of York, a coaching station and is one of York’s oldest licensed houses. A Witch’s Coven allegedly met in this building in the 1500’s; members of the Hell Fire Club were guests here in the 1600’s, in 1839 it was the venue for a new Lodge of ancient druids and during WW2 it was used as a horse refuge due to the substantial stabling.

Will you stay overnight? – If you are feeling brave enough, why not book one of the three haunted rooms? Rooms are discounted to us. Contact us for prices or to book, only 3 rooms available! The price for the room is a set price. It is not a per person charge! Note, we will be investigating your rooms until 2am!

Ghostly Sightings It has been the subject of many tales, and it’s said that the spirits of the dead still roam throughout the building. There have been various reports of a woman wearing a long white dress standing in front of the fireplace, staring into the flames; a short, plump Victorian man dressed in workman’s clothes, wearing a bowler hat has been heard tutting and fidgeting. Who is he waiting for? A man has also been seen descending the stairs – but only from the waist down. Wearing boots, yet his footsteps cannot be heard. A young boy has been seen playing from room to room and who is Michael the painter? Dark shadows have been seen and the cries of a child have been heard. On previous visits we have had lights go out when we asked specific questions and our guests have been left in no doubt that they were in the presence of some of the spirits that reside within this building.