Jacob’s Well, York

October 20, 2021






Are you ready to face the ghosts of Jacob’s Well in York? This 15th century building has a dark and haunted history that will send shivers down your spine…

The History The building has served many purposes over the years including lodgings for monks, the home of the prioress from the once established nunnery, a pub, a coaching inn and a home. We will try to reconnect with the butcher, the lady on the stairs and the children in the building… and who was the spirit that turned that light on when we were leaving on more than one occasion?

Ghostly Sightings  This building is plagued by restless spirits. We have felt their presence on the stairs, banging and rattling in the upper rooms, and their whispers on our recording devices. Some of the spirits are former landlords when this building was used as a pub, and some of them are children from a nearby orphanage. We have also heard women’s screams and wails from a locked room, and captured the image of a burning hand by the fireplace. Figures have been seen in doorways and upstairs is dominated by male spirits who make themselves known on our spirit boards and spirit boxes. We have heard horses trotting outside through the locked back door and eerie voices have been captured on our recorders.  We have connected with a former butcher, a lady who frequents the staircase and children in the building… and who was the spirit that turned that light on when we were leaving?  Our equipment has picked up spirits as they crossed the top of the stairs and guests have heard ghostly voices using their mobile phones as recorders – they have had their own proof of spirit, connecting with past owners, landlords and children to name but a few.