Fairfield Manor, York *EXCLUSIVE TO PRY*

October 25, 2022



Fairfield Manor Ghost Hunts are Exclusive to Paranormal Research York.  You won’t get to investigate here, unless you book an event with us.  Are you brave enough?

The History Fairfield has been a famous stud farm, a children’s psychiatric hospital, a TB hospital and a Sanatorium – not forgetting it was a family home too.  The original part of this building was once a Georgian Manor house with original features dating back to 1756.  In the early 1900’s, the house was sold and opened as a TB sanatorium and in the 1920’s a children’s ward and school were added.

In 1954, a fire broke out causing extensive damage to buildings when this building was used as a farm.  Inmates from the nearby pauper lunatic asylum were called in to asseit with the working of the fire engines.  In 1944, an aircraft from Marston Moor airfield crashed on teh abnks of the River Ouse, near to the Sanatorium.  All the crew were killed in the crash.

Ghostly Sightings During our extensive investigations here, our guests have had great self proof of spirit.  They have experienced being pushed over and some have been unable to stay in rooms during activities.  Objects have been thrown, disembodied voices heard, partial apparitions seen, unexplained mists captured on camera and many of the staff feel uneasy in some areas and have seen things they cannot explain.  During investigations, you may be offered the chance to investigate the morgue in the heart of the building.  

This fantastic building has many original features and in the Library, there is the smallest cupboard in the building.  Want to know more?  Come along and find out!

The Library is one of the older parts of the building and was once the Matron’s office.  It was also the room that was used for meetings and as the “gentlemen of the Manor’s” office.  This is a room that you know you are never alone in.

The Oak Room is where someone appeared in a photograph that we cannot explain – who or what is this?  This room has a feeling of male dominance.  Who is in here?