Paranormal Research York

Sam Jacobello-Pirt

Team Investigator

Hi, I’m Sam Jacobello-Pirt, I’m very down to earth, grounded, regular kind of person.  I’m also honest and truthful.  I would never fake anything.

My journey into spirit really started in 2008 with an investigation at RAF Holmpton where I discovered my mediumship abilities.  Since then I have developed my mediumship and discovered my Great Grandmother Angelina Moschino was a Medium, back in Victorian times.

I have also grown spiritually through my connection to Buddhism.

I have investigated many places over the years and had many incredible experiences, which includes seeing a full apparition at Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool.

I have also worked in various paranormal teams as well as also working alongside Barrie John and Dr Kieran O’Keeffe, who have both appeared on Living TV’s Most Haunted.

When investigating spirit it is all about personal experiences and that is what I want for all the guests at the event.  I want them to experience something that gives them the proof they are looking for or that opens the box up a bit further and makes them ask even more questions.  I of course also want them all to have an enjoyable evening too.