Midweek, Saturday and Weekend courses

Have you been on a Ghost Hunt and felt like you lack confidence, as other guests appear to know more than you do? We have a range of courses for you, whether you are a curious beginner or a more seasoned investigator, there is something for you

With over 20 years experience working with spirits, we offer to share our knowledge and experiences with you

The paranormal world has attracted a lot of interest in recent years and continues to do so. Our courses are designed around you and what you want to learn. In a small group, the course covers all elements of a paranormal investigation, from how to protect yourself to safely using a Ouija Board
By the end of the course, you will be confident about EVP's, pareidolia and false positives, as well as knowing how to communicate with spirits. You will be able to attend paranormal investigations and go off on your own, knowing you will be safe as well as being able to understand the best way to encourage spirit communication. You may even become a PRY team member!
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Protection and opening up to spirits

One of the most important things about being a paranormal investigator is to protect you and those around you. You will learn how to identify spirit and who you are talking to. You will also learn how to use your senses to tell if you are close to a spirit and also how to control your own auric space

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Traditional Activities

You will safely learn how to use boards, planchettes and pendulums, without the worry of what may be waiting to come through. We use lots of these activities during our public events and they are very useful for investigating and private use

The Technology

Today's paranormal investigator will use a range of equipment, gadgets and of course your mobile phone. We will explore the best equipment to use during an investigation, and how to use it effectively and what is the best and most affordable equipment for the beginner to invest in? You will discuss some evidence that we have collected during or investigations and be able to understand between great and not so great evidence. There will be a chance to discuss your own evidence too

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The venues

We choose our venues with the paranormal in mind. For our midweek courses, we choose the wonderful 12 Newgate, York (Sandwitches Café), (Exclusive to PRY), the second oldest house within the city walls of York. With its original features and active rooms, this makes for a fantastic venue to learn about spirits. For our Saturday Course we use Jacob's Well. A building from the 1400's that has had so many uses in its time. The Saturday course includes a full paranormal investigation of this building, that will allow you to practice your newly learned skills

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