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Covid-19 Guidelines 2021

Ghost Hunting Events and Covid-19 Guidelines 2021

At Paranormal Research York, we value the safety of our fantastic team, guests and hosts and in the world of the “New Normal” we have adapted our Events to keep everyone safe.

Below are the guidelines and what you can expect whilst attending our Events, or as a host, what we will be monitoring.

The Visit England Good to Go Kite Mark

Kevin and Clare have been trained in the Covid 19 guidelines and procedures and we now have the Good to Go Kite Mark.

Ticket Sales

Tickets bought for an event that is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions can be fully refunded* or deferred to another event**

*Less banking charges, **to an event of the same value.

Team Members

Team members will be monitored 14 days prior to any ticketed Event and will be asked daily to report on any changes in health.

Any team member showing any signs of illness will not attend any Event.

The final decision will be made by the Directors of PRY.

Our insurance policy has been amended to cover additional Covid-19 requirements.

Virus Transference Awareness

To significantly reduce the risk of viral contamination, PRY will supply:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disposable disinfectant wipes for equipment
  • Disposable surgical gloves
  • We offer Social Bubble equipment packs to our guests

All equipment will be sanitised prior to an Event and after each use during an Event.

Event Capacity

Event capacity will be limited to government guidelines for ticketed Events.

We set our group sizes in line with government and Visit England guidelines, as well as in keeping with venue restrictions

Event Activities

Event activities will be adjusted for post Covid-19 restrictions.

  • The Human Pendulum will only be possible with guests who are in a social bubble
  • There will be no hand contact during activities
  • All activities will be monitored and policed in line with Social Distancing guidelines
  • Any equipment used will be cleaned by PRY staff members
  • Equipment will be stored in appropriate boxes when not in use
  • Please bring your own headphones
  • We have a range of new, safe and exciting activities coming


  • PRY will only provide buffet food or snacks that are individually wrapped
  • PRY will continue to supply bottled water
  • Guests will be allowed to bring their own hot drinks

End of Event Procedure

PRY will wipe all surfaces used during the investigation using recommended sanitising wipes. All furniture will be returned to the original positions.

PRY will ensure as far as is reasonably practicable, that there is no increased risk to staff of our hosts from our time in the venue.

Final Statement

PRY take the welfare and safety of our Team Members, guests and hosts seriously and will constantly and consistently work with our Team and hosts to ensure our Events are as safe as possible.

We work in conjunction with Visit England and Clare and Kevin have undertaken the necessary Covid-19 Awareness Training to keep everyone safe.


Signed on behalf of Paranormal Research York Ltd