Clare Louise Bryant
Co-Founder, Researcher, Events Manager and Paranormal Investigator

I’m Clare and I am the Founder of Paranormal Research York, affectionately known as PRY.   I am York born and bred and I have been involved in paranormal teams in York and Yorkshire for many years and the paranormal world fascinates me. 

I am PRY’s Events Manager and Researcher and I have a deep passion for history, especially local history.  This involves looking for new venues to investigate and cross-referencing facts across multiple sources for all of our events.

I have had a lot of self-proof of paranormal activity, but I will always look for the obvious answers first and fitting in with the team ethos, I will never fake any activity to succeed. I have a healthy amount of scepticism and I like to be proved wrong! 

Mostly I can be found with my head in a book, either at work or in one of York’s many libraries, researching!

Kevin Spindloe
Co-Founder, Medium and Business Development

I have been involved with spirit for most of my life with a strong interest in the paranormal. I am experienced as a Spiritual Medium and I have been working in paranormal teams using my skills and experience to help guests have the best experience they can while they are with us, whilst working in a safe environment.

I believe that spirits have a story to tell and at PRY we give them that voice through various means. 

As a team, we understand that we are unlikely to provide definitive proof of life after death to the world; however, we will never stop trying. 

We will never fake anything during our investigations, this is something we all strongly believe in.

I like to be innovative and keep our events interesting and varied, so that if you come to another of our events you won’t have the same experience twice.

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Team Medium







Mark Reed
Tech Manager and Paranormal Investigator
Hi, I have joined PRY with a view to learning a new dimension to paranormal investigating. My interest covers all areas of the paranormal, especially the tech. 
I enjoy learning about the technical equipment the team has and I want to be able to show guests how to get the most out of their chance to use it at our events. 
Although I am a Trainee Investigator, I have had the “paranormal bug” for many years and I have investigated some fantastic places as a guest or on my own. 
I am really looking forward to meeting you all on our Ghost Hunts and I will be working hard to make sure you have a great time investigating with Pry. 
David Dellow
Paranormal Investigator

Always the tech-guy sceptic, until 8 years into my journey. I was sat alone in the dark at 2am in Chillingham Castle, when up walks this full apparition and stands watching me. I have been a full on believer ever since.

My new mission is to help others to believe, if not in ghosts, then to experience the strange things happening around them at investigations.  

I am a guest investigator for PRY and will attend  as many investigations as I can.

Join me at the PRY events to capture any proof we can that life exists beyond death. 

I am also lead investigator at NELSAM and I help to make a lot of the equipment used by PRY on their investigations.

Shaun Wright
Paranormal Investigator
I am an experienced Paranormal Investigator who lives in the city of York. I have been investigating the paranormal for over 15 years and I have a great respect and belief in the world beyond ours. 
I am always keen to use my senses, my equipment of choice, on any investigation, and I have had some amazing proof following this path. 
I will sometimes investigate quietly in the background and try to connect with spirits around us at that time, I will then point out any findings for the team to investigate further. 
I have joined PRY to help guests find their own proof of life after death, and allow the spirits at the venues we investigate to tell their stories. 
If you want to chat at the events, I will be more that happy to do this. 
Adele Peacock
Paranormal Investigator

I have a long standing interest in the paranormal and living in the most haunted city in Europe gives me the opportunity to investigate some wonderful places here in York.

I prefer traditional activities and use the technical equipment to help prove spirits are here. I will often lead the Human Pendulum at our events, which is a great ice-breaker, as well as being a great way to connect with spirits.

Being a member of PRY allows me to investigate with our guests and share my knowledge and experiences to help the guests connect to spirits.

I am friendly and approachable, so come along and say “Hi” when you see me at the events.

Linda Rhiannon McNulty
Paranormal Investigator

I’m originally from Manchester, but have lived in Yorkshire for the last 8 years. I work in York as a Registered Veterinary Nurse.  As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in the paranormal and had many experiences from being a small child and into my present day.           

I have always followed the path of witchcraft, I am a solitary hedgewitch, I work with the seasons and nature and I am a Priestess Of Elen.  I am a Reiki 2 healer, very interested in herbal medicine and I love history and I am looking forward to learning more about York, but from a Paranormal angle.  I am also trying to teach myself to read the Tarot and Oracle cards.

I look forward to meeting you all on our Paranormal Research evenings.

Avril Nisbet
Trainee Paranormal Investigator
My name is Avril, I’m originally from Scotland, but have lived in the beautiful city of York for a few years now. I love it’s rich history and uncovering it’s past stories.
I work in the scientific industry, so naturally I have a very practical and logical mindset, however after having many unexplained spiritual experiences, I am very much convinced that there is life after death, and not everything can be fully explained.
Some of the many experiences I have had, happened whilst I was travelling throughout the UK when working, staying in some hotels that were very much haunted. For example at Lumley Castle Hotel one evening, I awoke to the sound of the taps coming on by themselves, the noise of tapping from all around me, and I saw ghostly figures of monks in the courtyard.  It was quite amazing, and slightly frightening!
Although for me, my most personal experience was to see a close family member who had recently passed over, which gave me great comfort and further confirmation of the afterlife.
Taking part in ghost hunts helps me to develop my intuition and open up further to spiritual awareness. Getting to use the specialised equipment helps to show evidence of the supernatural, which really fascinates me.
I am really looking forward to helping guests take part in investigations, so they can experience paranormal activity for themselves, whether they believe in an afterlife or not.
Alicia Stabler
Trainee Paranormal Investigator