Clare Louise Bryant
Events & Communications Manager

Paranormal Research York, (PRY), was established on 31st October 2018, a very appropriate date for our paranormal activities! I was born and raised in York and I have been involved in paranormal teams in York and Yorkshire for several years.

I am also PRY’s Social Media Manager and Researcher and I have a deep passion for history. 

I have had a lot of self-proof of paranormal activity, but I will always look for the obvious answers first and fitting in with the team ethos, I will never fake any activity to succeed.  I have a healthy amount of scepticism and I like to be proved wrong! 


Shaun Wright
Medium, Health & Safety Manager 

I am an experienced Paranormal Investigator who lives in the city of York. I have been investigating the paranormal for over 15 years and I have a great respect and belief in the world beyond ours.

I am always keen to use my senses, my equipment of choice, on any investigation, and I have had some amazing proof following this path.
I will sometimes investigate quietly in the background and try to connect with spirits around us at that time, I will then point out any findings for the team to investigate further.

I have joined PRY to help guests find their own proof of life after death and allow the spirits at the venues we investigate to tell their stories.

If you want to chat at the events, I will be more that happy to do this.

Sally Davis
Intuitive Medium

I have been a medium and healer for many years, with love and respect for spirit and the paranormal.  I am a sceptical medium who likes to experience something before I believe it, very much taking the parapsychology line and proving it’s not out of this world first, then if no expectable explanation, be able to say, yep, it must be paranormal!

I get great pleasure from being part of a team and seeing team members and guests gaining new experiences of the phenomena.  We never stop learning.

On investigations when receiving information about the history and people that are connected to the area we are in and that we can research after always amazes me and is more proof that there is more to us than we know or understand.

Yvonne Baker
Lead Investigator

I was born and bred in York and having now raised my family, I can now do the things that I have wanted to do for many years.  

I have a great love for this city. All its amazing history, good and bad and with so much paranormal activity to investigate who wouldn’t want to live here!  

I like the traditional methods like the spirit board, planchette and the dowsing rods.  But I am fascinated by all the electronic devices like the spirit box, REM pods, K2 meters and CCTV. 

I have been seeing people and faces for many years, so I started sketching what I see and if I’m doing it on the night come and have a look maybe you saw it too.  

I’m delighted to be a part of the PRY team, so come say hello, I don’t bite (well not usually 😉)

Tracy Bell
Lead Investigator

I was born and bred in York and I am a Mum to four great kids. 

I first started to sense spirits around me when I was around 10 years old, having had an experience at primary school. 

I have a little boy that walks with me and pulls at my clothes.  I have named him my little tag along! 

I have investigated some of the haunted places around York and also in other areas of the country. 

I enjoy using most of the equipment, traditional and electrical, but really enjoy using the spirit boards. 

I was asked to join Team PRY after completing their paranormal investigators course and I am really enjoying being part of the team.

Elisha Baker

I have always been interested in the paranormal and the supernatural. 

I enjoy working with like minded people who are interested in the same things as me and who don’t just accept everything as paranormal without digging to find the truth. 

I’m always learning from the team so that I can be able to help you enjoy your time when you are with us!


Lyrissa Griffiths
Born and bred in York I’ve always had a thirst for learning about it’s renowned history and infamous haunted locations, which is why I enjoy being part of the PRY team and getting the chance to investigate and explore some of York’s most beautiful, historic buildings with like-minded individuals.
I’ve had a love for the paranormal & all things supernatural since a young age.  Having had my fair share of paranormal encounters over the years (which I’m happy to share with you) has left no doubt in my mind that there’s more to our own existence that deserves to be explored!
I’ll look forward to seeing you all on our future events.