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Have you been on a Ghost Hunt and felt you could have got more from it if you had more knowledge? Join us for our workshop experience and enhance your investigation skills followed by a full investigation.

Going on a paranormal investigation or ghost hunt is something exciting, but it often leaves you with more questions than answers because the equipment is unique or you are not sure if you experienced a spirit connection yourself, or maybe you were unsure of what you had captured on your camera, phone or voice recorder. Our workshops are designed to cover the main areas you need to investigate paranormal at events or with people in your own circle.  Our workshops consist a range of group and individual activities with hands-on tuition from our experienced team members. We only work with small groups to maximise your experience and you will have the support of our team to answer any questions and allay any fears.  The areas we will cover (team availability dependent) are – 

  • How to use your senses on an investigation 
  • How to protect yourself when working with the paranormal.
  • How to use traditional (non-electronic) equipment
  • How to use Hi-Tec equipment
  • Using cameras on investigations 
  • Insights on being a Paranormal Investigator, the do’s and don’ts when investigating.
  • Basic Mediumship skills.
  • How to research investigation sites.

We can also tailor some of the workshop material to specific needs, with notice. Our workshops are held at the highly active Fairfield Manor Hotel in Skelton, York  from 1pm to 5pm and you will have the chance to use your newly developed skills at an event that night at Fairfield Manor, as well as being part of our pre-investigation set up.  We have special rates if you dare to stay overnight after your investigation and for meals too. Once you have booked your place on the workshop we will send you a full itinerary of the day.  See our venues section for more information about Fairfield Manor.