Paranormal Research York | FAQ
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Frequently asked questions

Paranormal Research York

What do we need to bring with us to an investigation?


You will need to bring warm clothing if the event or part of the event is outside. Also bring a torch, as we often investigate in the dark. Other than that, you can bring your own equipment if you wish, however, we can only allow supervised investigations, unless agreed with the PRY team.

What equipment can we use with PRY?


You can use any selected equipment that we have on our list. All equipment is signed for by the user and ticked off when returned.

We have K2 meters,  voice recorders, thermal meters, cameras and video cameras. 

Are we involved in the investigation?


You are as involved as much as you want to be! We encourage our guests to be involved for a number of reasons:


  1. We want you to feel part of the investigation
  2. We want you to have your own experiences as this is one of the ways we help you to get your own proof of the afterlife
  3. We would never push guests to participate, we only encourage