A curious night at Jacob’s Well, York – 16th October 2021

Tonight we hosted a private event for a group who had never been on a ghost hunt and to be honest, some were scared before they arrived. Not knowing what to expect and a devout sceptic who was sure we would be “phoney” meant we faced some interesting conundrums as to how to ensure they …

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Wharram Percy, a village lost in time – A Paranormal Investigation

At Paranormal Research York, we investigate York and its surrounding areas.  Last month we visited Wharram Percy. Wharram Percy is a medieval village lost to the ravages of farming, disease and eviction.  People have settled here since the 9th or 10th centuries and a recognisable village evolved between the 10th-12th centuries.  Flourishing in the 13th …

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Paranormal Equipment

Have you been on a Ghost Hunt and felt left out as other guests use the limited equipment on offer? We choose to have less guests and more equipment. Become more familiar with some of the equipment we have with us at our events. Plan your investigation with the tool of your choice…happy hunting!

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The sinister side of York – when a city closes

We have said many times that York is the most haunted city in Europe, but what happens when this city closes? This is a real account of our visit before lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Clare and I decided to go into York and have a stroll, we had both been to work and …

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