Paranormal Research York | Activity
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Types of activities we use on events.

Paranormal Research York


We use a range of activities at our events and investigations.

We blend a mix of traditional activities using your senses and some tradional tools and equipment.

We also incorporate a range of modern equipment as seen on some of the TV shows.

Which works best? As always, you will be the ones who decide!

This is because everyone is different and some are more suited to traditional and some prefer the modern day. All equipment is explained before you use it and if you have any questions the team are there to answer them.

Traditional Methods

  • Dowsing crystals
  • Spirit writing
  • Scrying
  • Boards
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Trigger Boards
  • Trigger Objects
  • Mediumship

Modern Techniques

  • CCTV
  • Voice recorders
  • Spirit Boxes
  • Night vision cameras
  • Video cameras
  • SLS Camera
  • K2 Meters
  • Thermal Meters