Who are we?

PRY are a team of experienced paranormal investigators with a professional approach, who  live in or are local to York and have come together to investigate  the city of York. We are your one-stop-shop for all things paranormal in York. Local to York, we are able to access a whole range of haunted locations in and around the city and research our findings to go with the legends that other teams cannot access. #yorkthecityofghosts

Why York?

York is the most haunted city in Europe with roots in Iron Age settlements among the oak forests and access to a major river system. Because of this, Romans and Vikings used it as a major stronghold in the region and then as time progressed it became a sought after city by Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. Add to that the wealth of old and modern places to visit and the spirits connected to the city such as Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes, it is little wonder that we believe York offers so much to the paranormal world.

The Team ethics

We never offer false evidence, we have a mix of believers and open-minded sceptics in the team and we will always seek the logical explanation first. We have two team Mediums at least one will be at every investigation. The Mediums use various skills and techniques to communicate with spirit with some excellent results. We research every aspect of the venue we investigate and offer our guests the chance to be a part of the investigation, encouraging them to take part and experience the spirits around them.

The Team

Paranormal Research York


Founder, Researcher and Events Manager

I am Clare and I am the Founder of Paranormal Research York, affectionately known as PRY.I am York born and bred and I have been involved in paranormal…

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Business Development Manager and Team Medium

I have been involved with spirit for most of my life with a strong interest in the paranormal. I am experienced as a Medium working in paranormal teams

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Guest Investigator

Always the tec guy sceptic, until 8 years into my journey, sat alone in the dark, 2am Chillingham Castle, up walks this apparition…

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Team Investigator

Hi, I’m Sam Jacobello-Pirt, I’m very down to earth, grounded, regular kind of person.

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 Linda Rhiannon McNulty

Hi I’m Linda Rhiannon,

I’m originally from Manchester, but have lived in Yorkshire for the last 8 years. I work in York as a Registered Veterinary Nurse.
As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in the paranormal and had many experiences from being a small child and into my present day.                                                       I have always followed the path of Witchcraft, I am a solitary Hedgewitch, I work with the seasons and nature.                        I am currently studying to be a Priestess Of Elen. I am a Reiki 2 healer, very interested in herbal medicine and I love history and I am looking forward to learning more about York, but from a Paranormal angle.                                                               I am also trying to teach myself to read the Tarot and Oracle cards.
I look forward to meeting you all on our Paranormal Research evenings. 








































































































Steph Minskip
Steph Minskip

Hi, I am Steph a Trainee Paranormal Investigator, I have had a keen interest in the paranormal for the last few years, since I have known about the spirit in my own home, and I want to understand more of what their world is about.

Being from York I am keen to explore the wonderful places we investigate around the city. There are some exciting times ahead for me being part of the PRY team.

I enjoy using the equipment and while I am still learning, I am gaining in my understanding of it all, so that i can help guests have a great time when they use it. I am also very interested in the traditionnal side of investigating and I find this very fascinating.

Having had my first event experience at The Grand Opera House, and I cannot wait to do more. 

Franceso Jacobello – Pirt

Hi, I am Francesco,a trainee paranormal investigator. My interest in the paranormal started in my 20’s, this was sidelined for a few years, until I met Sam and it became a natural thing to rekindle my interest.

This resulted in me going on my first proper ghost investigation with PRY and I loved it. I had an amazing night with so much personal evidence throughout the evening.

I was asked to help out at an event at The Grand Opera House and I joined the PRY team shortly after. 

I am looking forward to future investigations, being part of the team and helping guests experience the paranormal.


What We Do

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