Who are we?

PRY are a team of experienced paranormal investigators with a professional approach, who live in York, and have come together to investigate the most haunted city in Europe. 

We host ghost hunts in York, and we are able to access lots of haunted locations in and around the city. We enjoy giving our guests the tools and activities they need to become a paranormal investigator or ghost hunter for the night. 


Why York?

York is the most haunted city in Europe with roots in Iron Age settlements among the oak forests and access to a major river system. Because of this, Romans and Vikings used it as a major stronghold in the region and then as time progressed it became a sought after city by Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. Add to that the wealth of old and modern places to visit and the spirits connected to the city such as Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes, it is little wonder that we believe York offers so much to the paranormal world.

The Team Ethics

We never offer false evidence, and there is nothing faked at our events. We have a mix of believers and open-minded sceptics in the team and we will always seek the logical explanation first. We also have a Medium at every event. Our team will support you to be as involved as you dare to be, and you will always be safe with us, whether you are just curious or an experienced investigator.