1 2 N e w g a t e, Y o r k | (Sandwitches Cafe & Bistro)

Our newest 'Exclusive to PRY' venue!
12 Newgate, York dating back to 1337, the building stands in the quaint, historic and haunted area of York just off the historic Shambles, Shambles Market and Patrick Pool

We recently visited Sandwitches Cafe & Bistro (12 Newgate, York) to undertake a paranormal investigation for the owners, Steve and Chris. As we are now running public events, paranormal investigators courses and private events at the cafe, we share with you a little of the history of the building.

12 Newgate is now the quaint, historic and haunted location known fondly in York as Sandwitches Café. It stands in Newgate, a stones throw from the historic Shambles, Shambles Market and Patrick Pool. Prominent since the Middle Ages, Newgate is in the heart of York. The building dates back to 1337 when Newgate was known as Le Newgate. It is reputed to be the second oldest house in York, built in the churchyard of St Sampson’s Church. Originally it formed part of a number of houses in a block that ran 130ft in length. The building has been a family home since it was built with the ground floor used as a shop. Through our research, we have discovered the names of one family in particular who lived and worked here for over 50 years from General Dealers and Millers, to Bakers. The family that lived here made this building their home, raised children and died here.

The following photographs give a glimpse of 12 Newgate and it’s area, once full of locals, elegantly going about their business, shopping, browsing and posing for cameras. Enjoy these photographs, not many of these souls will still be with us.