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Going on a paranormal investigation or ghost hunt is something exciting, but being fully involved with it is even more so! Our usual guest list is 12 participants which means you will have lots of opportunities to use the equipment we bring with us to events.

Take the time to check the equipment we use on our events, as you will also have the opportunity to use the equipment too. We use a range of modern and traditional investigation tools at our events. Which will be your choice?






Do you favour the traditional tools such as the planchettes, pendulums, ouija boards (only at certain venues) and the divining rods?  Or are you a tech-person who prefers to use the voice recorders for EVP checks (Electronic Voice Phenomena), the SLS (Structured Light Sensor) or Stick Man camera, the EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) equipment?

There is no need to choose, you will have the opportunity to use many of them during your time on our investigations.


The SLS Camera 

This equipment has the ability to pick up spirits as stick people. The trick with this spectacular piece of equipment is to keep the equipment steady and avoid vertical lines in the background. The camera will scan the lines as people and make it look like there is something there, when actually it is just a door! Another trick is to ask the spirits to move and watch the responses. We have had some fantastic results with this. We have two SLS cameras at investigations.

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The SB11 Spirit Box and MEL Meter shown here, do two very different roles – The SB7 is Clare’s equipment of choice

The MEL Meter (named after the inventor’s daughter) detects digital EMF using the large digits on the red screen and it shows temperature changes using the smaller sized digits. You can walk around the venue watching the reading levels, if the EMF is higher than 1mg then that area is of interest. The highest we have had anything recorded that was NOT next to anything electrical, was 72mg.

The SB11 is two SB7’s together. The Spirit Box (SB) scans radio waves so quickly that any words heard cannot be picked up from one radio station alone. Using the SB with headphones or not requires some skill to block out the white noise chatter. Once you get past that the results can be amazing.

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Planchette – This is Kevin’s equipment of choice

We use planchettes for spirit writing and “yes” and “no” questions. The planchettes have no electronics or magnets and are handmade by our team member, David. A simple piece of wood with ball bearings to help it move easily will allow you and up to 3 friends to ask spirit questions. Don’t just ask “yes” and “no” questions, get creative! Spirits will respond to numbers and the alphabet, this is especially good when questioning an obliging spirit.

The key to this activity is trust. Our Medium will open the activity and then move away to allow to have your own experiences under supervision. We have seen the Planchette move slowly or at speed across the full table.

The Planchette has turned non-believers into believers as they connected with spirits known to them, it isn’t only the venue spirits that come through to speak to us.

There are three Planchettes to choose from and each has its own personality and incredibly, they do work in very different ways. You will need to be brave to do this activity, because as well as getting the feel of the Planchette moving at speed, you can also pick up the emotions of the spirit in attendance.

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The Parabolic Ear – A firm favourite of Mark’s

This wonderful piece of equipment is very good for picking up movement, noises, whispers and whistles, often inaudible to the human ears. Walk around the venue and tune in using the headphones to the environment. Are you going to get anything out of the ordinary? Why not plug in your phone and record what you hear…if you dare!

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