The sinister side of York – when a city closes

We have said many times that York is the most haunted city in Europe, but what happens when this city closes? This is a real account of our visit before lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clare and I decided to go into York and have a stroll, we had both been to work and needed to unwind, it wasn’t a paranormal night, just a stroll to see this magnificent city in the relatively quiet of early evening. The car park at Clifford’s Tower had around 10 cars instead of being full, we knew it was going to be different. We called into the local shop to buy some essentials as we went past, it really was just an ordinary evening.

Clare was taking photographs and struggling to come to terms with York being so quiet, but it did mean a chance to get some good promotional pictures at a reasonable time, not a some ridiculous hour in the morning, avoiding drunks and delivery people.

We wandered around and walked up the Shambles. It was here that I started to sense a different atmosphere. I need to say at this point, although I am the team Medium, I don’t walk around talking to every spirit, I remain closed otherwise it just gets out of control for me, with so many wanting to connect. Walking up the Shambles, we could hear the signs gently squeaking in the breeze, an almost “ghost-town” effect, it felt different, very different. Clare was asking if “was I picking anything up?” in truth, I was still closed, but I sensed something wasn’t quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Runners disrupted the flow of photographs and the Deliveroo man on his bicycle brought a sense of reality back to the situation. But when we exited the Shambles I saw a crowd of spirits watching. Around 50+ spirits from various eras of the 60’s going way back.  They were watching us and it seemed as though now we had left the street, they were coming out. It was a strange sense for me, something new and definitely eerie.

We continued on our way, Clare taking some great pictures and then as we walked around a corner into one of York’s major streets Clare said “what is going on there?” I didn’t see anything. Clare is beginning her journey as a Medium and sees things that I don’t. “There’s a police tent in the middle of the road”. But there wasn’t. Clare focused back into reality and we chatted about what it could be, but we were soon distracted by the photographic opportunities again. As we walked passed the area where Clare spotted the police tent, she said she could see a young man waving and shouting “hello”. Again, I sensed nothing. We walked on and Clare was feeling guilty that she hadn’t responded to the spirit and so we went back.

One of my roles as a Medium is to help spirits cross over if I can. I am wary of doing it in the open in York as we did it once and ended up like the Pied Piper and having far too many to handle. When we went back to the spot, I quickly connected with the young man, who strangely told Clare to step out of the way. I did my usual routine and went to cross him over, and just as he connected with his family two dark entities tried to drag him back. This took me by surprise, but I held my focus and got the young man away and back with his family. I also managed to detain the two dark entities. They stood around 5 feet tall (1.5m) and had arms and legs but were otherwise a dark fluid mass, with white eyes, I didn’t sense they were demonic at all. With the help of my guides I was able to cross them into the light – yes, even dark energy returns there. It wasn’t straight forward and it took some time to do, but both were duly escorted through the access point.

I thought this would be the end of it, how wrong I was. To say the dark entities didn’t go quietly into the light is an understatement, they were resisting strongly. As we went back to the car my senses heightened and I was fully aware of spirits around me. More of these dark entities appeared, it was like being in some really weird movie scene, where the bad guys don’t know whether to attack or not and I linked arms with Clare to keep her close. The good thing was that they were in singles and not groups.  As we walked along passageways they looked ready to pounce, but thankfully didn’t. Once back in the car-park I felt relief and as Clare took some last photographs of the Museum and Clifford’s Tower I was pushed back towards her to keep the connection. We eventually got back in the car and Clare had noticed that I was quiet.

I eventually told Clare about what had happened once we were safe in our own space. But this begs the question, what are these entities? They went into the light, so they aren’t conjured. They weren’t demons. And what surprised me was how many there were on the relatively short walk back to the car. Are there really that many of these entities in the city? What I do know is, yes, York is the most haunted city in Europe, but this is on another level #yorkthecityofghosts