Ghost Hunt at The Grand Opera House

This was the second of our two nights investigating this great theatre. Previously a Corn Exchange and now a prominent venue in the entertainment circuit of York, this impressive building has never before been investigated.
After the Meet-and Greet with our guests we started off the evening with a Human Pendulum in the Ken Dodd Bar, as we had done the previous evening. And as the previous evening we had an Usher come through. This time the Usher was female and said she worked in the 1950’s at the theatre and still enjoyed watching the shows. She wasn’t showing signs of being confident with her answers, maybe a little shocked that we could talk to her, so we decided to let her leave.
We changed the person in the middle and this time a female performer came through. She enjoyed dancing and was married with 2 children and she had moved from North Yorkshire for a life in the theatre.
We moved from here to the Dress Circle and Sam did a call-out session. The responses were slow but were audible and some of our guests wanted to explore the rest of the Dress Circle and the boxes. In one set of boxes the guests smelled cigar smoke and experienced a shortness of breath. There was also a sense of being dizzy and feeling unusually cold in the box. There was certainly an eerie feeling attached to the area.
One of the guests picked up that a spirit was angry that we had disturbed their peace and in particular didn’t like the calling out!
Around the Dress Circle, we were drawn to one of the dark corners and here we came in contact with an elderly lady who said she was looked after in the Nunnery. The Nunnery was on or around this site centuries ago and this lady with a Port-wine stained face said she had been bullied and that was the reason she was there. She told us she had two children through unwanted pregnancies and their lives were not good. There was a great sadness around this lady.
The team with the guests had now headed to the Stalls to do more Call-outs. There were rapid responses with metal being struck and taps as well as whistles, (were they real?). What was real was the heavy footsteps heard walking behind the stage curtain, the full length of the stage. A few quick checks confirmed that there was no-one in the that area. Everyone heard these heavy, clomping footsteps! As the responses dropped off and the energy levels dropped, we decided to head upstairs.
Once upstairs we split into smaller groups with activities such as table-tipping, mirror scrying and using the planchette. The table-tipping was frantic and maybe not as convincing to some guests, while the mirror scrying seemed quiet.
Meanwhile in the Eric Sykes Bar we had a small group using the planchette. We had tried the glass tables but it was effectively inactive and so we moved to the piano. Here it was still slow and so we called upon our haunted dolls Jothua and Constance to raise the energies.
The planchette began to move with more energy and curiously kept moving to the one guest who didn’t have her finger on the planchette. Once she placed a finger on the planchette it started to move incredibly quickly with guests struggling to keep their fingers in contact as it hurtled around the surface. As the planchette continued to fly around the surface with guests almost running to keep up with it, there was no mistaking this was real activity. With Kevin watching to make sure guests were safe and not panicked the planchette session continued at pace.
The questions we asked were answered randomly and then the planchette would fly around some more. This is very unusual for this activity compared with previous sessions.
As the event finished our conclusion was that there were 3 spirits communicating during the session and some or even all were comedians, we were in the Eric Sykes Bar after all!
We headed upstairs to close the event to make sure our guests left without any spirits attached to them.
We received incredible feedback over the two events and the evidence we experienced has left us with more questions than answers. We will be back to look for more answers.


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