The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall Friday16th August 2019

We returned to The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in the centre of York for our third public ghost hunt, and again it didn’t disappoint!
Previously our guests have had some amazing self-proof, which is what we promote at our ghost hunts. It’s not about us as a team demonstrating our skills and our investigating know-how, it is about giving our guests the chance to experience what we already know, that spirits do exist and do want to communicate.
During our ghost hunts we offer a mix of traditional and hi-tech activities and we mix them up so no ghost hunt is ever the same. During one of these activities one of our guests formed a strong connection with a Viking spirit.
With four guests on the planchette, we littered some Rune stones on the table and set aside three Runes to represent yes, no and goodbye. After a few opening questions we established that we were talking to a female and she had no idea of the years when she lived in or when she passed.
It’s worth mentioning that E, one of our guests looks like a Viking and we should also mention that although E was open minded this was his first ever ghost hunt.
With help from the team as to what questions may be worth asking, it became clear that we were talking to a female Viking. E asked if she was a Shield-Maiden. “Yes” was the reply. A Shield-Maiden is a female warrior who would go and fight with her fellow male Vikings.
E and the guests picked up on this and ran with it. They quickly determined that her husband was lost in battle and he was a weapon maker. The lady was captured in the York area and tortured by her captors, but she didn’t dwell on this.
We asked if E reminded her of her husband and the answer was a definitive “yes”. E was beaming and joking with his girlfriend that he now had a Viking Shield-Maiden as a protector. We also asked the Shield-Maiden to point to a Rune that reflected her mood and she went to the Runes very quickly. There was a little confusion over which stone was selected and so we separated them and asked the question again. It looked like a P. No one around the table could decipher the Rune but luckily we have a chart for this and the Rune represented “joy”. This tied in perfectly with the emotion and the theme of the conversation.
One of the guests then said “Skal” and the female went directly to goodbye. Skal is a Viking term for saying goodbye!
This was great proof for those around the table, there was no team member involved with the planchette or directing questions (we only guide when they hit a blockage). It is certainly great for us too as we have had our second Viking experience here at The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall.
We had other activity during the ghost hunt. Team members and guests heard children laughing in the Undercroft by the fireplaces and we had a spirit knock on the door in the Governor’s Room (Third Ante Room).
It was a night where the tech played up, batteries drained on much of the equipment, despite being fully charged prior to the event. There was very little action on the FLIR (Thermal imaging equipment) and the spirit boxes.
However, on the recorders around the venue, although they didn’t record for as long as they should have, because they drained too, the early evidence is that they have picked up children laughing.
If you want to be a guest at our ghost hunt at The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, follow our Facebook events page or join our Facebook group, or alternatively follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. This venue has never failed to disappoint and we have so much more to explore.
Please join us, you will be made very welcome and you may get the ghost hunt bug!


  1. It was a really good night, all the guests had positive results from the pendulum, crystals and rods, some were lucky enough to get experience on all three, then the planchette.

    Ultimately the old school techniques won hands down, guests still like to see the new Tec working, as seen on TV, but maybe at the merchant hall, this will be kept for demonstration purposes

    Back to the books, need to check out some old types of investigation, ones that spirit of York understand.

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