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Guest blog by Lindsay Coldrick: Ghosts in my house!

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I’m sure my house was haunted growing up as I was always hearing noises. As an adult I moved to Peterborough and lived in a really haunted house!


Moving to York it was a new build and when I had walked around it seemed fine. The couple had 2 daughters and originally told us they were moving closer to their parents in Scarborough. Later on, I found out they had moved to Strensall! (Not near Scarborough at all).


The first night I slept in my house I had to sleep with the lights on. I was in bed and could hear someone running up and down the stairs. A psychic friend came to stay and said there was the spirit of a little girl in our house along with an Aunt-like figure. About 3 months later another friend came to stay who had medium abilities. We had had a night out and she didn’t come downstairs until about 11am. I asked where she had been. She said “I was talking to the spirit of the little girl in your spare room. She was really sad as she doesn’t want to leave the house”. I said well as long as she behaves she can stay. I asked my friend who the Aunt-like figure was and she said she was “here to look after the girl”. I said well she can leave if she wants. My friend then saw her packing her bags and said, I hope she’s not coming with me!


My son saw the spirit of a little boy who was blue in colour. He couldn’t find his parents so wanted to play with my son. Another friend came round to clear the house of energy. She was in my bedroom whilst I was playing with the kids in their bedroom. I suddenly heard a massive grunt! When she came back in I said did you make a grunting noise? She said she had cleared the spirit of a grumpy man in the bedroom!


Where the house was, wasn’t far from the Old Fever Hospital in York. I read a bit about the history of the building and the children who went in there with fevers such as scarlet fever. Their parents could only talk to them through a window. There is an ambulance depot and a Veterinary practice on the actual site of the old Fever Hospital.


In our street was a student let, then 4 detached houses. We moved in in 2013. By 2017 3 couples in the 4 houses had separated and 1 person tried to commit suicide.


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