Ghost Hunt at The Red Lion, Merchantgate, York – 26th January 2019

This was our first ever public ghost hunt as Paranormal Research York and the nerves were kicking in as the day progressed. As darkness drew in we went over our check-list for the umpteenth time and still found we had everything we could think of.

We arrived early at The Red Lion, it was a busy Saturday evening and the bar areas in the pub were full of people enjoying their weekend. We had been allocated the front bar area, which housed the oldest part of the pub, thirteenth century, the room was warm with an open fire that was dying down after the long cold day. We set our banner up on the walk way to prevent unwitting pub-goers wandering in and then Clare and I looked at each other and went to work.

Equipment was taken out and made ready to use, the extension leads ready to go, the boring but necessary paperwork was laid out and then we waited for our guests. I took the time to calm myself and tune into the surroundings, as a Medium it is much better if I can do this and not get caught up in the nervous energy of the setting up of the event.

After the guests arrived and signed in we did our opening introductions and explained what would be happening through the night. We hadn’t planned anything for times except a break around 11.30. We would never want to stop an activity that was going well or prolong one that was ineffective, spirits don’t work on time, so neither do we!

We began in the front bar with a “Human Pendulum”, an activity that requires a volunteer to go into the middle of a circle and they can be pushed (gently) by spirits to give yes or no responses or questions asked by the group.

We followed this by using crystal pendulums and each guest had their own experiences, which was great as it gives them their own proof.

From here we ventured upstairs into the private area of the pub. We had already agreed the no-go areas with the landlord Peter. We introduced the guests to the Blind Spirit Box activity (Estes Method) and got some quite amazing results that matched our research of the pub and its previous activities.

This was break time and after soft drinks and a quick round up we were back investigating again. This time we took the board and went into the stables. It was raining heavily and this seemed to add to the intense energy. Another group that didn’t want to do the board did another Blind Spirit Box session in the back bar.

The board worked really well, no negative energies and no provoking questions. We spoke to three or four spirits through the board and again it matched our research which meant we were able to ask the right questions.

For the last part of the evening we got out the technology and allowed guests to wander around the downstairs areas with the equipment and have their own investigation.

The event ended with the feedback forms being completed and even though we asked our guests to be “brutal” with their comments to help us develop, we received “excellent” responses in 64 out of 73.

We are very pleased with what we achieved and are looking forwards to the next one.