The first time I saw a ghost!

I have been seriously interested in the paranormal for the last 20 years after a number of sequential instances that linked to something coming together so succinctly there was no real logical explanation for it. Looking back now there were many skirmishes with spirit and spirt activity, some of which seem so obvious, but to a young man setting out into the world I was either oblivious to it or had thoughts of being ridiculed for thinking such things, so they went unheeded.

The real turning point was the death of my maternal grandfather. Too many coincidences to be logical, but the crux of the matter was that he refused to pass over until goodbyes were said.

It was my strange duty to let the family know that he wanted to say goodbye to them all, and to be fair they did listen and they all called in over the weekend to see him before he passed on the Monday evening.

At my mums house after the passing we were chatting and remembering the good times and as I was stood at the bottom of the stairs my maternal grandmother walked across the top, full bodied and solid form. My first full apparition!
I wasn’t scared or worried and it was for me a reassuring sighting that confirmed my belief that the instances leading up to the passing were orchestrated by my grandmother.

The night he passed there were 8 of us in his room and it was really cold, even for November. We were sat wrapped in coats and blankets and still cold. When he passed we informed the nurses that he had taken his last breath and they ushered us out of the room to do the checks and balances needed at this point.

We were allowed back in within 15 minutes and everyone noticed how warm the room was, it was tropical! Nothing had changed, the heating was on the same setting and there were never any open doors or windows.

Was this because of the spirits of family had gathered to get him safely across? Was is some other paranormal phenomena or was it a glitch in the heating? We will never know for sure and as I wasn’t a Paranormal Investigator back then I only used my logical engineering mind to understand what was happening around me.

One thing is certain, it lit the flame that gets me to this point. I am fascinated with spirits, spirit energies and the science and beliefs around them. I don’t claim to know the answers to everything, I don’t even claim to have any answers at all! I have my beliefs that life exits beyond this mortal body and I can claim to have my own proof for this which I will defend staunchly, but also listen to the counter-arguments around it. I have had many rational discussions around this subject and I have never heard of a logical reason to explain the full scenario. Three months of connecting to get me to one point in time to make sure that the passing of my grandfather was timely would take some undoing.