What being a team member means!

At PRY we are always looking to add to our talented team.

Kevin is the team Medium and he deals with the private investigations using his traditional skills.
Clare is the team Researcher and she is uses all resources, including spending hours at the library going through numerous books and maps as well as talking to local people.

Terri is our team Events Manager and she keeps us under control and makes sure we do the risk assessments and health and safety things.

We all work on PRY as a whole, including the development and building networks and talking to people to see if venues are available and suitable for what we need. We all keep the social media platforms updated and look for interesting content to share with our followers and we all talk about PRY for hours every day, we really are a dedicated team, or is it that we are just sad people?

PRY is our baby, we talk about this a lot. We talk about expanding the team and then we get cautious, as many people do about their work. The usual questions such as will it work out and will they fit in, are they as mad as we are?

Our group chat page would have content that would curl the toes of many, yes we are that mad! But we have fun too and we like to lighten things with humour, albeit dark humour sometimes.

We definitely need a “tecky” person, someone who can work the cameras and live feeds etc. But we want them to be creative too, finding new ways to check for EMF changes etc. They don’t have to be a believer, an open minded sceptic would be a great addition.

We also need people who can be involved in the whole process of PRY. The cold calling, the initial meetings and sending emails, the boring unseen things. This is why we need them to live in York. We are not intending to investigate anywhere publically outside of York, so it wouldn’t be easy to be a team member if you lived too far outside of the city.

If you want to be considered to be a team member, get in touch. We will get back to you.
Use our “contact us page” and use any of the formats you choose. They are all checked daily.


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