2019 – the year ahead!

At the time of writing we are 9 weeks old as a team. We all have previous experience of working in other teams and we will use that experience to learn “what not to do” as we form our own identity as Paranormal Research York.

The year ahead will be a tough one in many ways. We are starting from nothing in terms of we are not building from an existing team and that takes time and a lot of effort. At PRY though we are a very determined bunch and we are well equipped for the journey into 2019.

We network lots to build relationships with other compatible teams and local businesses and organisations too. This takes time as people need to have trust in what we do. But as in everything that we do, we are always professional and we work to impeccably high standards.

So what will 2019 bring?

• We have a growing list of venues that want us to host public events and this funds our development through purchasing our new equipment and paying for other business costs. We don’t take out any funds for salaries or expenses, it is only about getting funds built up.

• We are looking to build our team so we can take on bigger projects, (see our “What team members do!” blog) and we will be advertising soon for those positions so watch our pages.

• We are booking our weekend events too. This takes a lot of work and negotiating business contracts and event organising.

• We want to build our following too, our followers are important to us. We want to share what we do globally and hopefully help others to achieve in the field too. We are not focused on the number of likes. We would rather have 100 active members than 10,000 likes.

• We are the only team in York and we want to keep driving standards high so that those teams who come to the city to hold events have to match our standards and that will benefit the city in the long term.
So, 2019 will be a big year. It will define us as a team and define us as people.
We are up for the challenge, come and join us for the ride. See our contact page to see how you can do this.