What we do at our public ghost hunting events

What do we do on a public ghost hunt?

Public investigations are a great way for Paranormal Research York to reach a wider audience and it’s something we take very seriously. We try to offer a wide range of venues and we limit the number of people who  attend to offer a fantastic guest experiences at the venues we use.

We try to vary days and times to reach as wide an audience as possible, so watch our events page for details. We will always give you plenty of time to book with us.

We have always been in a venue before we invite members of the public as we need to know the venue is safe and we likes to know what spirits will be around. We don’t believe in faking evidence to look good, it doesn’t achieve anything for us, it is all about self-proof for those who attend.

On arrival you can expect to be greeted by one of the team and sign in to say that you are here, we are very health and safety conscious! Once everyone is present we do the team introductions and a little history of the venue, but not too much. We explain some of our equipment that can be used by guests and then we begin.

We always start with a Human Pendulum. This is when people gather around and we ask for a volunteer to stand in the middle. Kevin says the energy in the circle helps spirits to communicate. We then ask a series of yes and no questions and hopefully get interesting responses. We will always give guests a chance to ask their own questions too. We have had some amazing results with this, but never anything negative.

Depending on the venue we will do a range of activities that are designed to keep you interested, however, this isn’t TV and spirits don’t interact on cue, but we have been successful with all of our events.

You will be allowed to do some investigations on your own (dependent on the venue), although there will always be someone close by, but whoever it is won’t interfere.

You can bring your own equipment if you have it. We want you to develop your own skills if that’s the direction you want to go.

We will take a break during the investigation to give people a rest and also chat about what proof or activity others have had.

At the end of the ghost hunt, we will have a recap to end the night. At this point we will also ask you for feedback of how we did?

That is what we do, we mix up our range of traditional and hi-tech activities, so no ghost hunt with us is ever the same twice.

You can book via our website by bank transfer or PayPal or if you prefer, you can contact us and pay on the door, as long as we know that you are coming.

We have had 5 star reviews from our guests on all of our events and that is something that we will strive to achieve always.