Why have we chosen York for ghost hunts?

We get asked a lot as to why we would only focus on York as our only location for ghost hunting events and investigations. The truth is this isn’t so, we will explore other areas of interest, however, this is our local area. York is an amazing city and is reputedly the most haunted city in Europe, in terms of recorded sightings of ghosts and full of places to investigate.

The area of York has been occupied for around 9000 years and has survived Roman and Viking takeovers and changed with The Reformation (the change from Roman Catholic to Church of England), York was a very big Catholic centre and the rebellion that was known “the pilgrimage of grace” started in York:


With its mix of buildings from the medieval to modern there is so much to explore. The high profile sites such as Clifford’s Tower, York Minster and The Shambles all have well documented histories that have their own paranormal tales attached; but what about the lesser known sites?

Every snickleway (alleyway) has tales to tell, there are legends and myths abound that take us away from the well-known sites and provide much to investigate, if you know where to look.

As you walk, or run if you are scared, through the cobbled streets and snickleways of city within the centuries old walls (Bar’s) there is a story at every turn and the more you dig the more you find. People challenge and counter challenge the findings based on transcripts and the legends embedded in the timber frames and sandstone walls but the debates are always interesting and we have a great Researcher (Clare) who is exceptional at what she does.

Much of the history is unrecorded because of lost records or undocumented events, especially in the less well-off areas of the city. The parts of the city that held unofficial court sessions to administer the justice the crowds expected and where gangs and criminals ruled with the law of the street. The slum areas protected gangs and criminals who they called their own from the long arms of the many monarchs, lords and officials that have held office during the city’s history. We piece it together piece by piece and our Medium (Kevin) will often give new leads to follow to build up the history of the places we investigate.

We have found during our investigations that there are many a disgruntled spirit who want to tell of their demise or their life story before going back home, and we are there to listen and our Medium will return them home if they wish.

If you venture outside of the city bars (walls) there is no let-up in activity, the city has grown over the millennia and the stories and legends exist in every green, avenue and village engulfed in the expansion.
This is why we ghost hunt in York, and this is why we believe there is no better place to be as a Paranormal Investigator/Ghost Hunter!